Photography Playbook: Growing Your Business in a Pandemic

Photography is a hustle business. Whether your practice is full or part-time, with multiple employees or just you, bringing in profit is dependent on your motivation to network, build relationships, and take lots of photographs to develop your skills. In other words, you get back what you put in.

However, during a pandemic, new customers can be hard to reach if they’re stuck at home, and they have a new episode of their favorite TV show between you and them. So what can you do to bring in new revenue?

Fortunately, you have a list of past clients, and your motivation to hustle is still unrivaled. Checking in with your established connections can be a great way of reinjecting cash into your business. This strategy can lead to new jobs and strengthen your relationship with each client, as they may appreciate your concern and remember to use your services in the future.

If, however, no one in your Rolodex needs a new portrait session, you may want to consider what else you can offer. You’ve already spent time capturing an important moment in their life, whether its a graduation, birthday, or engagement, you can also see if your clients are interested in buying prints. 

Selling prints is an easy way to earn additional revenue and provide a convenient service for your customers. If you visit, you can choose from an array of options, including, posters, photo-paper printouts, and Canvas Wraps. Highly customizable, ready-to-hang, Canvas Wraps come in various sizes, from a miniature 8”x12” to a prominent 20"x30." 

Excalibur Displays, which offers printing and fulfillment services, can help you seamlessly integrate prints into your business. Once a customer tells you they’re interested, all you have to do is send us the digital file and their address, and we’ll print it, perform a thorough quality check, pack it up, and send it out. You’ll receive all the tracking information, make some extra revenue, and do it all without worrying about the painstaking logistics. Sounds easy, right?

Individual Canvas Wraps are available for sale on our website at, and from now until Labor Day, you can get 10% off your first purchase using the code Excalibur. You can also contact us at +1 866-948-0100 or for wholesale pricing and special project inquiries.

Bring in new business and help your clients enjoy your photographs in a whole new light with Excalibur Displays today!