Fabric Banners


After thirty years in color management, we know a thing or two. Because of a color profiling system we've developed over the years, our ability to produce vibrant and accurate color images is bar none. All profiles contain technical specifications that relate specifically to each fabric. Proofs for every project is archived so ClothBanners.com are able to provide exact reproductions in the future.


In our quest to take dye-sub imaging to the next level, we quickly realized that off-the-shelf materials could not satisfy. Certain applications and a number of our unique display systems demand fabrics with very specific properties. When we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for, we enlisted the help of some of the world's leading textile manufacturers.


We offer a vast array of custom textiles as well as tried and true staples in the dye-sub industry. When selecting fabrics, we endeavor to select products that are 100% recyclable and inherently fire retardant. Absolutely no fabric goes on press until it has been through our rigid quality control screening protocol. Our ability to provide an Image Quality Guarantee stems from our experience in color reproduction combined with an in-depth understanding of the fabrics we print on.

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